Antler Chews for Dogs

Believe me Best Antler Chews for Dogs will help to keep them Happy.

Well, there is an problem. Finding that “Best” Antler isn’t an easy task.

That is why I have created this review blog which having a list of top rated antler chews for dogs 2017. After researching online and spending many hours, I have shortlisted the popular 10 antlers for dogs which you can buy right now.

Antler Chews for Dogs 2017

Antler Dog Chew (from Pet Expertise) 7 to 10 oz and 8" to 10"
Antler Dog Chew - Single Antler
(from Top Dog Chews)

How to keep your dog safe with his antler chew?

Now you might be thinking, it’s cool to have antler but is it safe?
We’re often seeking for items that satisfy our dogs’ need to chew and that are as harmless as possible. Chewing is natural instinct which helps to keep teeth and gums healthy and helps to prevent bad breath. Its a natural process and should be encouraged properly. We’re not admirers of any of those natural chews, which contain a ton of wheat by-products. But now a days antler have become a obsession with our dogs as they’re composed of calcium and other minerals.

They are little bit hard, but not really as hard as cow hooves, and they last for a longer period than any other type of chews. Hard antlers are composed of calcium, phosphorus and up to 50% water, making them a great chew for dogs. On top of that, they have that animal product appeal for dogs. Antlers alleviates stress, loneliness and boredom, and regular access to such chew keep dogs from destroying shoes, furniture and other household objects.

Are antlers safe for dogs to chew?

No matter whether you offer your dog any antler or chew treat, you want to make sure your dog is safe.

It is recommended to overplay the importance of choosing the right type of bone or chews for dog. The reason is to avoid fractures and other chew bone related catastrophes.

Some aggressive dogs doesn’t requires any chew or bone. As these type of chewer is more fascinated in eating the bone than leisurely nibbling on it. She wants to take the chew in its whole, and the earlier, the better.

One size of bone doesn’t full fills all in case of recreational chews and bones.

Guidelines for new puppies and dogs

Call your vet and schedule the 48 hour checkup, be sure to take the folder with and evaluate next vaccine dates. Your new puppy will have been given his/her first shot but will need two more vaccines to be fully immunized and protected from all the harmful germs and bacteria out there.

Flea/Tick/ Heart-worm Protection: Don’t forget to speak to your vet about this at the first consultation.

Feed: It is not advisable to switch feeds instantly as they need higher end feed and the ratios of certain ingredients are very important for healthy growth.

Food and Water Bowls: Please don’t use plastic or ceramic bowls. It is recommended to use stainless steel bowls, as they prevent bacteria growth. Both food and water bowls should be cleaned out at least once a week.

Treats: Be careful with doggie treats there are a lot of low-cost ones out there that may hurt your new puppy.

Healthy Supplements: There are a few nutritional supplements that I highly recommend below:

1. Sea Pet: (Omega Max) This is a fish oil that provides huge beneficial nutrients.

2. NuVet: You will have to keep your new puppy on this health supplement for the first 3 years. This offers both nutrients and also enhances their immune system, which is so very essential when they go home.

Crate Training: I strongly advise crate training and just get the giant one right away, they will grow into it and they generally come with a divider panel to make it more compact to start out with.

Bedding: Don’t hassle with the stylish beds until they are mature. Puppies chew, chew, chew. I like to use old big bath towels and blankets until they are about 5-7 months old. Crib Mattresses are readily available for around $40 from Amazon or Walmart and make outstanding, easy to clean dog beds.

Toys: Antlers, jolly ball or Kong brand are a great choice. Keep in mind your baby will be around more by 6 months, so don’t bother with the “little” puppy toys. Stay away from raw hides and toys with stuffing.

Collar: It is advisable to wear collar to new puppies.

Ears & Teeth: You must plan on clean ears and teeth at least once a month.

Take things slowly and gradually. Transfer slowly and use peaceful voices around him/her.

Indicate them where the food and water is kept. Keep in mind they need rest time before and after eating to avoid bloat.